How to Make Perfect Egg pudding,on the hob

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Egg pudding,on the hob.

Egg pudding,on the hob You can cook Egg pudding,on the hob using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Egg pudding,on the hob

  1. You need of ggs.
  2. It’s of milk.
  3. Prepare of white suger.
  4. You need of non alcohol vanila.
  5. Prepare of For caramel sauce:.
  6. Prepare of table spn brown suger and same amount(4 table spoon of water).

Egg pudding,on the hob step by step

  1. Preps: put 4 tablespoons brown suger and pinch of small metal tin.add almost 1 cup milk with 1 table spoon of suger in pan,crack eggs,whisk and add vanilla. in the medium soup bowl.
  2. Prep the steamer/(hob set up,as small oven).while the milk cools a little,put water in the pot.thn now its time to add eggs to the milk.after that put the other pots and covers in place.
  3. Put tin in home made steamer and add the milk egg mixture.cover with smaller heat proof lid inside.
  4. The foil should be last civering ang just to cover the ends of pot to allow steam to stay in and not escape…the foil isnt to be in contact with the food at any point esp steam heat water drops that contacts and foil shouldnt go in the pudding(health reasons).
  5. After about half an hour when you can hear bubbling sound and the steam can be seen on foil,try check the puddin tin by gently shake at its side using cloth or gloves.b careful of heat.if its moving lightly then its time to stop cookin process…
  6. ..take out and loosen edges and then let cool briefly before turning out upside down,be careful of not smashing it on as it will crack and possibly drop/break on plate…(cover with cling film and keep this flan in fridge and have within 2 or 3 days).note that the outer texture changes but the inner texture and taste improves as refrigerated…bismillah enjoy).

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