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Shahi Paneer.

Shahi Paneer You can cook Shahi Paneer using 22 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Shahi Paneer

  1. Prepare of Paneer.
  2. It’s of Onion.
  3. It’s of Tomatoes.
  4. Prepare of Cashews.
  5. It’s of Cream.
  6. You need of Bay leaf.
  7. Prepare of 2.
  8. You need of Green cardamom.
  9. It’s of cumin seeds.
  10. You need of Ginger.
  11. Prepare of Oil.
  12. Prepare of Capsicum.
  13. It’s of Onions flakes.
  14. It’s of Kasoori methi.
  15. It’s of Green chilies slited.
  16. Prepare of Charcoal small.
  17. Prepare of Butter.
  18. It’s of Chilli powder.
  19. Prepare of Coriander powder.
  20. Prepare of Turmericpowder.
  21. It’s of Salt.
  22. You need of Garam masala.

Shahi Paneer instructions

  1. Blanch tomatoes and onions.
  2. Grind oinions,tomatoes and cashews,ginger and a spoon full cumin seeds to a fine paste..
  3. Add oil in a wok and heat it add bay leaves,cardamom and cloves.Add the grinded paste saute till brown add coriander powder,chilli powder, turmericpowder and salt.saute it..
  4. .
  5. Now add paneer cubes and saute.Add cream and saute.Add garam masala and kasoori methi.Now heat a pan add oil and stir fry the slitted chillies,diced capcicum and onions flakes and then add it to the paneer gravy..
  6. Now heat a charcoal to red hot and keep it in a small bowl.Now keep the bowl in the paneer gravy wok and cover it with a lid,add a spoon full of butter on this charcoal and cover it immediately when the fumes start coming out.Now the smoky aroma flavours the gravy and now Shahi Paneer with a smoky aroma is ready to eat..

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