Recipe: Perfect Fried couscous

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Fried couscous.

Fried couscous You can have Fried couscous using 14 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Fried couscous

  1. Prepare of Couscous.
  2. Prepare of Veg oil.
  3. Prepare of Maggie.
  4. You need of Salt.
  5. It’s of Curry.
  6. It’s of Spices.
  7. You need of Carrot.
  8. You need of Green beans.
  9. You need of Peas.
  10. Prepare of Attaruhu.
  11. It’s of Tattasai.
  12. Prepare of Water.
  13. You need of Baking powder.
  14. It’s of Onions.

Fried couscous instructions

  1. Put ur water on d fire and boil it.
  2. But ur couscous in a bowl wit little of oil.
  3. Den pour ur boiled water on d couscous nd allow it for lyk 10 mints.
  4. Wash ur ingredients nd great den.
  5. Den cut ur carrot nd green beans wit d peas den per boil dem all together wit some baking powder so dat it will mintain it green color.
  6. Put ur on d fire add some veg oil with d greated ingredients, carrot, green beans nd peas.
  7. Add maggi,curry wit some oder spices nd salt.
  8. Den add ur couscous nd mix it together.
  9. Ready to eat.

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