Recipe: Tasty Rhubarb Fool

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Rhubarb Fool. The Rhubarb Recipe Page – savoury recipes. Rhubarb fool and stem ginger biscuits. This rhubarb fool will go down a treat as your dinner party finale.

Rhubarb Fool When the rhubarb is soft, remove it from the liquid with a slotted spoon. Fold the fruit into the egg white and cream mixture. Alternative to the Classic Rhubarb Fool. You can cook Rhubarb Fool using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Rhubarb Fool

  1. Prepare 300 grams of roughly chopped rhubarb.
  2. You need 3 tbsp of caster sugar.
  3. It’s 200 ml of double cream.
  4. It’s 1 tbsp of icing sugar.
  5. It’s 2 of balls diced of stem ginger and 1 tbsp of ginger syrup.
  6. It’s 100 ml of natural yogurt.
  7. You need 3 tbsp of water.
  8. Prepare of To serve shortbread or ginger biscuits.

There are two classics to this famous dessert, made with rhubarb or with gooseberries. These two fruits work so well in this context as they have a slightly sour. I'm not keen on Hopkinson's puréed rhubarb – it seems to make his fool into something more like a rhubarb mousse, but nor am I. Rhubarb is cooked until tender, then chilled and layered with sweetened whipped cream to make a summertime, backyard BBQ favorite!

Rhubarb Fool instructions

  1. Put the rhubarb, caster sugar and water into a pan and bring it to a simmer !.
  2. Pour the cream in a bowl with icing sugar and whisk to soft peaks! set aside!.
  3. Once the rhubarb has softened pour through a sieve to catch the syrup! Take half the rhubarb and mash! Mix this once cooled into the double cream adding the yogurt and some syrup!.
  4. Chop the ginger..
  5. Take a glass or bowls layer up the cream mixture, some more of the remaining rhubarb and ginger, then more cream! Save some syrup and rhubarb and ginger for the garnish! Place into the fridge to set!.

Rhubarb Fool – a delicious, creamy dessert using fresh rhubarb. Use a slotted spoon to lift the remaining rhubarb into the middle of the trifle. Serve with the syrup in a separate jug. By Melanie Barnard and Brooke Dojny. Rhubarb fool is a classic British dessert that's an easy delight you need to try.

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