How to Cook Tasty Malai Paneer Tikka

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Malai Paneer Tikka.

Malai Paneer Tikka You can have Malai Paneer Tikka using 18 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Malai Paneer Tikka

  1. Prepare of For Marination :.
  2. Prepare of Malai / cream.
  3. Prepare of Masala Milk Powder.
  4. Prepare of Ginger Garlic Paste.
  5. You need of Salt.
  6. You need of Coriander Leaves (chopped).
  7. You need of small Green Chilli (finely chopped).
  8. Prepare of Kasuri Meethi (crush with hands).
  9. You need of Roasted Besan / gram flour.
  10. It’s of Black Pepper Powder.
  11. You need of Sugar.
  12. Prepare of Paneer (cubed).
  13. Prepare of medium sized Onion (diced).
  14. You need of medium sized Capsicum (diced).
  15. It’s of For Coleslaw :.
  16. It’s of Eggless Mayonnaise.
  17. You need of Thin Onion Slices (long).
  18. It’s of Thin Cabbage Slices (long).

Malai Paneer Tikka instructions

  1. In a bowl, mix mayonnaise, onion and cabbage. Keep in refrigerator..
  2. In a mixing bowl, take all ingredients listed under For Marination except paneer, onion and capsicum. Mix all very well. Then add paneer, onion and capsicum. Mix well and coat everything very well. Cover and keep aside the bowl for marination for an hour..
  3. After an hour arrange on skewers. Take one paneer piece, then onion and then capsicum. Again paneer, onion and capsicum. Repeat this to arrange all marinated paneer, onion and capsicum on skewers..
  4. Preheat sandwich toaster for sometime. Keep skewers on sandwich grill. Cook on all sides till it turns in golden brown colour. Keep on turning skewers after few seconds so that it doesn't gets burnt..
  5. Serve hot with prepared chilled coleslaw..

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