Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Semo with dry Okro

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Semo with dry Okro. RECIPE Dry okro Dry fish Dry pepper Cray fish Locusts Maggi Salt Goat meat Please subscribe for more videos thanks. See recipes for Miyar bushashen kubewa(dry okro soup) too. Miyar bushashen kubewa(dry okro soup). #nothernsoupcontest zaa iya cinshi da tuwan masara, semo, alkama harma Dana shinkafa #nigerstate.

Semo with dry Okro Omo chop okro dey go chop am with eba or semo. Add one bottle of Soda/Tonic water. You won't eat egusi soup again. You can cook Semo with dry Okro using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Semo with dry Okro

  1. You need of Dry okro.
  2. You need of Onion, pepper, garlic, fresh ginger & spices.
  3. It’s of Goat meat.

Okro scientific names are Abelmoschusesculentus and Hibiscus succulent. Popular forms of okro for medicinal purposes include okra water for weight loss, okrq peels, diabetes and okrq, raw okro juice, okro seed oil, and okro powdered seeds. Nigerian African Food Mukbang Egusi Soup And Semo. Father And Daughter Tag Meet My Dad.

Semo with dry Okro step by step

  1. Wash, cut & pound your onion, garlic, ginger & pepper.
  2. Wash & boil your goat meat with all necessary spices.
  3. When the meat is ready, add all your cut & pounded ingredient, let it boil for some few minutes..
  4. Now add your grounded dry okro & stir. Add a pinch of potash, let it simmer for a while & your miyan kubewa(dry okro) is ready. Enjoy.

Delicious okro soup can be cooked with tomatoes. This post should have been shared when okra was readily available and affordable but sha no problem. some people can still cook with tomatoes and if you like that nice tomato taste in your okro, you'll love this soup. This soup is not only for fufu. The quantity of water you add here will depend on how much dried okro you have. I used frozen fish, Okra and some other ingredients to prepare the soup, then you could buy a good frozen fish with just forty or fifty Naira, I am talking about the "good old days". – Air dry Varnish (different air dry sprays designed for Electrical and Electronic Industries).

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