Easiest Way to Make Delicious Peri peri chicken rolls

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Peri peri chicken rolls.

Peri peri chicken rolls You can cook Peri peri chicken rolls using 23 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Peri peri chicken rolls

  1. You need of For paratha.
  2. Prepare of maida.
  3. You need of salt.
  4. Prepare of oil.
  5. Prepare of Water as required to knead a dough.
  6. It’s of For peri peri chicken filling.
  7. Prepare of boneless chicken cut in cubes.
  8. You need of salt.
  9. You need of paprika powder.
  10. Prepare of garlic powder.
  11. You need of tsp black pepper powder.
  12. Prepare of oil.
  13. Prepare of soyasauce.
  14. You need of vinegar.
  15. It’s of peri peri sauce.
  16. You need of onion thinly sliced.
  17. Prepare of tomato thinly sliced.
  18. You need of capsicum thinly sliced.
  19. You need of Assembling.
  20. It’s of paratha.
  21. You need of Mayonnaise as required.
  22. You need of Peri peri sauce as required.
  23. You need of Lettuce leaves as required.

Peri peri chicken rolls step by step

  1. For paratha,  in a bowl add flour, salt and oil.mix well. Knead a dough with the help of water. Leave for 30 minutes. Make paras and leave for 5 minutes. Then make roti and fry in frying pan. Paratha is ready..
  2. For peri peri chicken filling, marinate chicken with above all ingredients except onion, capsicum and tomato for 30 minutes. Cook on slow Flame till chicken tender. Add onion, tomatoes and capsicum and mix well. Cook for 5 minutes. Cool..
  3. Assembling Place paratha in a serving plate. Apply mayonnaise and shangrila peri peri sauce and spread all over the paratha. Place lettuce leaves in center,then peri peri chicken filling and roll the paratha. Peri peri chicken rolls are ready to serve..

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