How to Prepare Perfect Chocolate cake in pressure cooker

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Chocolate cake in pressure cooker.

Chocolate cake in pressure cooker You can cook Chocolate cake in pressure cooker using 11 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chocolate cake in pressure cooker

  1. You need of curd.
  2. Prepare of suji(semolina).
  3. It’s of maida.
  4. It’s of sugar.
  5. Prepare of cocopowder.
  6. It’s of baking powder.
  7. Prepare of baking soda.
  8. You need of milk.
  9. You need of as required Any chocolate for melting prefer (dairy milk).
  10. It’s of milkybar.
  11. It’s of Refined oil.

Chocolate cake in pressure cooker step by step

  1. Add half cup of curd in a bowl and stir well and make sure there is no lumps left. Add 1 cup sugar and 1.5 cups Suji and stir again for 5-7 mins. Also, add half cup of milk. Now add half cup maida and two tablespoon cocoa powder and still well to mix..
  2. Add a small amount 1/4 spoon of banking soda and 1 spoon baking powder in the mixture prepared in the first'step. Take aluminum cake mould put refined oil around mould, put the prepared batter in the mould. Now our batter is ready to cook..
  3. Take a pressure cooker and pre-heat for 3-4 mins. Put steel steaming rack stand inside the cooker and then place cakemould above it. Remove cooker whistle and close pressure cooker. Keep flame on medium for 35-40 mins. Take out the mould after 10 mins when gas is off and make sure that cooker is cooled down. Take-out the cake from mould. Now our cake is ready..
  4. Chocolate melting process: Put the pan on low medium flame and add remaining milk into the pan and put chocolates mix well till it gets melted. Stir it for 2-3 mins and make sure that chocolates are melted. Soon after chocolates get melted spread it on the cake. grate the milky bar chocolates on the top of the cake..

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